Terms & Conditions


We offer the following methods for purchasing our stock:

  • Online This web site has a secure online shopping cart which will allow you to purchase your item of interest. All checkout processes, including purchases, are done so via secure, military-grade encrypted connection. Once your order is placed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation as to the status of your order. Most orders are shipped within 1-2 business days.*
  • Fax/Mail You may prefer to fax or mail your order. If this is the case, please add your item of interest to the online shopping cart, and proceed to check out. You will have the option to print out an order form to be faxed or mailed. Furthermore, for all fax and mail orders, please refer to the Terms and Conditions section below.
  • Shows & Meetings You may request to have Collectors Exchange reserve an item for a non-refundable 15% deposit and we will bring it to a scheduled stamp show that we have arranged to attend in your area.
  • Phone
  • You may prefer to telephone -please ┬áreach us 407-620-0908

* This may be extended when we are on a buying trip or attending shows.


  • All prices are calculated in US funds. (see converter if necessary)
  • All prices are net and payment is to accompany order.
  • Payment in US funds is preferred. However, we may accept Canadian or British funds, at prevailing rates of exchange. Please notify us first and we will provide details. We welcome payments made via PayPal, as well as most major credit cards. Checks have to clear banks prior to shipment.
  • Minimum order is $20.00 US
  • Remember that you may also pay using your existing Amazon Account – just three clicks – makes it all pretty simple – give it a try.
  • Please add $4.95 for domestic delivery; $47.95 for International certified delivery. If you prefer your material sent to international destinations by regular delivery please pay $7.95 but understand that the material will be sent at your risk. All international orders in excess of $299.99 will only be sent certified mail at $47.95.


Postage, insurance and any additional fees are calculated automatically into your total when you check out using our secure online shopping cart.


All items are offered as genuine (unless otherwise specified). In case of question as to the authenticity of an item, the decision of an Expertizing Service, agreeable to both the buyer and Collectors Exchange, shall be binding. Collectors Exchange primarily utilizes the services of Sergio Sismondo, the American Philatelic Expertizing Service (APES), or the Philatelic Foundation (PF). Buyers who wish to obtain an expert opinion must notify Collectors Exchange within 5 days, and we will extend return privileges for up to 100 days.

  • Buyer responsible for all costs associated with receiving a “good” certificate.
  • Collectors Exchange will refund the original purchase price and costs of “bad” certificate excluding insurance, Postage and handling fees (to a maximum of $50.00). Credit will be issued to credit card or reimbursement check will be issued within 3 business days of receipt of the item and certificate, providing the item is not marked in any way or otherwise damaged.
  • If the expert response is “no opinion”, all expertizing expenses will be paid by the buyer.


All items offered are subject to being previously sold, whether via our web site, at local meetings or at shows. Many items are one of a kind, or in extremely limited supply. You are urged to respond as quickly as possible. As the man says, “You snooze, you loose.” If the item you seek is out of stock, you will be notified. We will attempt to fill your backorder/want list as expeditiously as our sources permit.


Collectors Exchange does not offer philatelic material on approval. We will not honor returns on lots more than 15 days from shipping, nor for faults noted in the item description. You may not return items that have been illustrated, due to centering, blunt or missing perforations, or other obvious flaws. Mistakes will happen and we will happily rectify such events. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Ownership/Advance Purchase

Collectors Exchange retains title to all items until payment has been finalized (checks confirmed, cleared) or payment made in full. Buyers known to Collectors Exchange, or those who have provided acceptable references, may have items shipped to them with invoices. All payments are due within five (5) days of receipt of invoice. Any invoice unpaid after five (5) days will be assessed a late fee of 2% per month until paid. Prompt payment is expected and will merit special credit status.

Illustrated Items

If an illustrated item has been sold, Collectors Exchange reserves the right to offer a similar item at an appropriate price. This offer submitted will be via e-mail scan, fax or mail, as deemed appropriate.