Appraisal Services

Collectors Exchange provides an appraisal service. We require the owner or his/her representative be present throughout the appraisal process. CCTV may also be used. These measures are to protect both the owner and Collectors Exchange. The appraisal may be arranged at our Orlando store – by appointment only. In this case, we will take a “first look” at no charge – this is to ensure that the collection/accumulation is of sufficient value to conduct an appraisal.

We will also come to your home, office, or bank if you prefer. A per diem will be charged as well as all justifiable expenses charged at cost. The appraisal fee is $75.00 per hour or $500.00 per day (up to 10 hours). Appraisals may be required for Estate valuation, insurance purposes, or to arrive at a selling price. CE will waive fees if the parties agree that CE will purchase the collection. CE will also provide advice on the best way to dispose of unwanted philatelic material. Please contact us as shown elsewhere on this website. A written appraisal is available upon request.

Is the Collection Worthy of Appraisal?

Generally Yes if –  it is a collection compiled by an owner who has spent considerable funds for the contents over a period of time; or if the owner has used funds to buy a specific stamp or set of stamps; or if received from an estate and housed in clean, well maintained albums that have been stored in an air-conditioned home.

Generally No if – the owner has used funds to buy bags of cheap stamps; if just an accumulation torn from envelopes; or contained in a shoe box; or smells of nicotine or mould; or unused stamps are stuck onto the pages or other paper or other stamps; if toned through age or being exposed to heat or damp.

Consignment Services

Collectors Exchange will from time to time provide space on this website for the display of philatelic material that our clients wish to dispose of. CE will facilitate the transaction but will not offer any guarantees regarding value or authenticity to either buyer or seller.  A fee based on the owners’ valuation will be charged upon the item being sold. A minimum listing fee of $10.00 will be charged for each item. Acceptance of any item is at the sole discretion of Collectors Exchange.

Orlando Stamp Shop

A small stamp store, handling worldwide stamps & postal history, as well as various philatelic supplies, is open most weeks. Mr. John Latter is in attendance most weeks – Tuesday to Thursday 10AM to 4PM, plus Saturday 9AM to 2 PM. Other times by appointment. For more information please visit