Jean and I are ready to meet you at Grand Rapids and later at Balpex.

In between these two great shows, we will be traveling through Ohio, PA & NY.

If you have material that you wish to dispose of, maybe we would be interested in purchasing it. We understand that you have lovingly compiled your prized collection, and we will pay a top price and ensure that it goes to someone who will also be delighted to own it.

Please refer to the entry under “SERVICES” (elsewhere in the website) to learn whether your holding has commercial value or not!

Feel free to call us at 407-620-0908 or 407-947-8603

Penny Red Plates

Just spent some time today identifying various plates on Great Britain “Penny Stars” – these will be available at the APS Grand Rapids Stamp Exhibition, along with many other mouth-watering items for around the British Family of Nations.

We have also added many new items into our Topical stock, so drop by, say Hello and look through our offerings.

Out of commission

I have been suffering from a medical issue. Jean had to become a full time nurse!  

Therefore we have not been active in this super hobby for over a month.

Glad toi say WE ARE BACK!!

We are now busy preparing for the APS Grand Rapids  Stamp Exhibition, followed by the ever popular Balpex.

We are also excited to participate in the September stamp exhibition here in Orlando.

Will we see you there?

Yes maybe Philately is a PRIVATE PERSONAL PASSION but it is also good to meet up and have fellowship with other collecters. The guys at the Central Florida Stamp Club would be glad to have yoiu drop by. Visit their website for details or call me for information.

North Carolina

We are honored to be asked back to CHARPEX which will be held at the end of July.  Jean and I will be in the Charlotte area for a few days prior to the show. If you wish to dispose of good quality British Commonwealth/Empire material, we would be pleased to meet with you. Whether you have a collection or a better individual item, we are interested.

Please click on the SERVICES tab on and read through APPRAISALS. This will give you an idea of whether you may have something of value.

If you are not sure, or have questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 407-620-0908 and I’ll do my best to assist you.

Calendar Update

We’ve just updated the show calendar for the next 3 months. Please feel free to visit the Calendar section of this website. Maybe there will be an opportunity to meet up at one of these shows and share a story or two.

As we travel to the exhibitions/shows we may be in your area. If you wish for a consultation, or wish to reduce your philatelic holding, please consider making an appointment which, traffic permitting, we will be happy to keep.

Under services on this website you will find our “APPRAISAL” terms.


Jean and I are getting ready for the wonderful two day show in Charlotte. We will bring many new items which will appeal to all collectors from novices to advanced. We have restocked many GB Machins, have some of the limited edition Europhilex sheets (very tough to find); many fine collections at vastly reduced prices; and much, much more.  Come and say ‘hello’, look through our 50% bargoon box  and have some fun!


Four weeks ago we attended EuroPhilex in London, UK;  3 weeks ago we were at the Royal in London, Canada; 2 weeks ago we participated at NOJEX, just across the river from New York; this week we had a great time at NAPEX in Washington DC. We were delighted to renew many friendships  and meet new customers.

There were many questions where we had been for so long – we were surprised until we realised that, in large part, our absence was due to Jean falling and breaking her hip during April last year. Her accident meant that we missed a number of stamp exhibitions during the year.

Now we are home for a period before visiting CHARPEX – there is much to do here at home base so we will not be too relaxed when you see us next!

Are you attending upcoming stamp shows?

Jean and I will be at the EuroPhilex in London, UK in early May; at “Royal 2015 Royale” show in London, Ontario, Canada in late May; followed a week later by NOJEX. Then we move to Washington for NAPEX. These are all quality shows and we hope to see you at one or more of them.