We have listed a small number of “long sets” – maybe you call them definitive sets.

As opposed to ‘commemorative issues’, these sets, which typically range from 7 to 12, and sometimes considerably more values, were produced for everyday use by the general public for letters and parcels. We have to remember that during Victorian and Edwardian times, mail was the most reliable means of long distance communication.

We are fortunate in having many more definitive sets hidden away in our stock. These are from a variety of countries of the British Empire, so if you are looking for a particular set, or sets, we may be able to help. We accept “WANT LISTS” by mail or by email.

We can be contacted at 407-620-0908 if you wish to buy or sell British Empire stamps or postal history items.


We just received a request for ealy Great Britain cancellations for a New York based collector. His interest is in British town numeric killer cancels. Fortunately we have a good stock of these.


During the Victorian era, Britain were the world power and arranged to have postal offices in many countries around the globe. Therefore there are many British stamps and covers featuring cancellations from places as far apart as Nigeria to Columbia. If you want a challenge, here is an area of philately that may be for you.


A lady who specialises in ‘youth philataly’ recently said to me that finding  recently issued used Canadian stamps is becoming difficult and. in her opinion, a modern stamp with a clear cancel is worth more than an unused stamp. In many ways I agree with her, particularly for larger countries such as the USA, the UK, Australia etc..

It reminded me of an experience I had about a year ago. I was looking through a New Zealand album when I saw a 1930’s issued stamp with a beautiful SON, CDS. The stamp had a catalogue value of $2.00. I bought it. I checked out the cancellation on the internet and discovered that the place name was that of a small Maori village & which at the date of the CDS had only eleven Europeans living “in the area”! That stamp has been repatriated to New Zealand at a buy price of $35.00, a 1,750% increase! The collector did not buy the stamp, he bought the cancellation!

Postmark collecting can prove to be interesting, fun, and can improve one’s knowledge of history, and world geography.


There is a major debate now in the UK on whether the game of Bridge is a sport or not. It all has to do with getting funding from a government sports authority. To be a “sport” an activity has to, among other things, promote a healthy life style. The Bridge folks have stated that Bridge stimulates the brain & therefore promotes a healthy life.

If Bridge stimulates the brain and therefore should be considered a ‘sport’, then Stamp Collecting should be in the next Winter Olympics!!


If you are considering a visit to the Sunshine State, you cannot do better than coming at the beginning of December to enjoy a time at FLOREX in the City Beautiful – Orlando. Florex is a mega-stamp exhibition with many exhibits plus about 50 dealers from all across the USA as well as other countries. Collectors from a variety of off shore countries will mingle with locals to make this a memorable experience for all who attend.

While you are here in Orlando, you will find that the kids will think you a hero when you take them to Disney or Universal, and there are many other attractions to delight the rest of your family members.

The main reason for YOU to come here is FLOREX – the largest annual stamp show in the South East – see you there!!


We received confirmation yesterday that Jean does NOT have compression fractures in her neck nor spine – the only issues that are present result from natural years of progression – and both Jean and I know that we both have many ‘miles on the clock’!

She does have a non-displacement fracture at the top of her right tibia and that should heal itself by about the beginning of November. Her doctor told her –       “For the next 5 to 6 weeks you need to act like a man – that is just sit with your feet up and watch television”!

Thanks to all who sent us ‘Good Wishes’ – believe you me they were all so much appreciated.


Balpex 2015, Baltimore’s annual major stamp show is over for another year. As a dealer, we’re are indepted to the local club committee and their volenteers who do sterling work to bring it all together for the benefit of collectors, visitors, dealers, exhibitors, judges – plus any group that I have forgotten. The venue is good, the lighting is adequate, the hotel staff are very helpful and the hotel management are fast improving the facility.

I was on my own as Jean stayed home recovering from her Grand Rapids fall. The assistance, and offers of assistance, as well as many good wishes for Jean’s full recovery were very much appreciated.



The ATA will be at Balpex this coming weekend. It will be good to meet up with old friends during the show.

Unfortunately Jean will not be able to travel and she has a much better knowledge of our stock in that department than I have; therefore I ask that ATA members ( and other topical collectors) be kind to me if I flounder around trying to discover what and where we have the items that you desire.

Also Jean always takes credit card sale details – she is so much better than I – so it would be preferred that transactions be cash or check ( maybe a variation on the old fashioned “swipe” CC purchase as a last resort!)

I’m already missing Jean and we haven’t left the office yet!!

See you at the show.


Following the APS exhibition in Grand Rapids, my partner suffered a fall. It is not certain just what caused the fall, but Jean has suffered injuries to her neck, lower spine, right knee and left wrist. We have returned home and Jean remains comfortable. There will be no further reports until after she has met with consultant specialists.

We want to thank all those that came to our aid in Grand Rapids. We also want to recognise all who have sent support and wishes for Jean’s full recovery.

GBCC – Great Britain Collectors Club

I was privileged to attend the GBCC meeting at Grand Rapids. A very dynamic meeting with good attendance. I couldn’t stay for all the presentations as it clashed with opening the bourse to the public.

Although much of the membership has an abiding interest in machin issues – MACHIN MADNESS – , there are many other facets of British philately that claim followers among the membership.

It is a friendly group that welcomes both starter and experienced collectors. As anyone one my age knows there are many times when one is a ‘newby’ during one’s life. The GREAT thing is that there are folk in the club who are more than willing to assist anyone with questions, or needing guidence. The GBCC is certainly worth considering for membership.

Didn’t Know Stamp Exhibitions could be so Dangerous!

We had a very good show in Grand Rapids – better than we had anticipated.

After the exhibition closed and as we were moving our stock out to our van, Jean fell down – not certain how. Jean says that one moment she was moving forward, the next she was flat on the floor. Medics arrived & an ambulance took her to Butterworth Hospital ER. Following X-rays and scans it was discovered that she had a torn tendon in her right knee, a badly sprained left wrist and apparent compression fractures in her neck & lower spine. There were also other minor bumps and bruises.

We are now back in Orlando awaiting consultations with specialists to determine severity of the injuries as well as recommended remedial actions.

We want to thank all those who came to our aid, particularly Megan Orient of the APS.

This really put a dampener on what was otherwise a very pleasent visit to the city of Grand Rapids.