Jean and I spent a very pleasent weekend in Portland, Oregon attending their regional stamp exhibition. Good exhibits, slendid food, friendly people and a chance to buy a variety of items that we needed for our stock – our customers will be pleased.

We also discovered some wonderful locally created wines!!



Jean and I will be attending PIPEX next weekend in Portland, Oregon. Therefore the ORLANDO STAMP SHOP will not be open on Wednesday or Thursday, May 10 or 11. We will make an exception and be open Monday May 8 from +/- 9:30 until +/- 1:30. We will be open on the Tuesday, May 9 during our normal hours of 10 to 4. We expect to be back to normal during the following week, commencing with May 16. There is still much to do in the store but you are welcome to come and have a look round – maybe, just maybe, you will find that item that you have been searching for.


A big thanks to all who sent greetings on my special event.

Jean organized a surprise party in a beautiful house on the shores of Lake Ontario. It turned out to be a complete Latter family reunion (plus a few other folk). The high light as far as I was concerned was meeting my first great grandchild – Lillian- who has just turned 1 – a lot younger than I!!

Jean expended a lot of ingenuity, deviousness and energy, not to mention lots of $’s, in organising the BIRTHDAY BASH, and I am very grateful for all she did.

So again I thank each and everyone of you for making my 2017 birthday the bestest ever!


I am not a great fan of PRICE LISTS as they are virtually out of date by the time they are published. However a variety of our customers have asked us to develope such lists, and therefore TO HEAR IS TO OBEY! If you would like us to create a pricelist of your special interest, we will do our best. You only have to ask.

As you might expect, all items offered are “SUBJECT UNSOLD”. However to reduce risk of disappointment, you may phone or email us and we will hold an item for up to 2 weeks. Better still present us with CC information and we will attend to your needs right away.

If you would like a sampling of present pricelists, you have only to ask.



A sincere wish for the blessings of Easter to reach each and everyone of you from Jean and me. We have mailed out our last parcels of philatelic items before we take a rest over the holiday.

We trust that the contents of those parcels will feed everyones’ PRIVATE PERSONAL PASSION


If you’re in need of mounts, hinges or other supplies. Orlando Stamp Shop will be open next week. However Mr. Latter will be away.

It is anticipated that he will return on Tuesday April 25.  During his time away he will endeavour to reply to your emails. 

We anticipate having the new Stanley Gibbons “GREAT BRITAIN CONCISE CATALOGUE” arrive next month and we are now accepting orders.


The Central Florida Stamp Club one day stamp show was held yesterday. It was very successful. Among the dealers present were some from the North of the State as well as from Naples in the South-West. There was virtually something for everyone. We saw a number of old friends but also new faces – at least one person joined our club while at the show. COLLECTORS EXCHANGE did a lot of business – more selling than buying. I had to turn one couple away as we were just too busy to provide the time that they deserved. I invited them to come to THE ORLANDO STAMP SHOP when there will be more time to attend to their needs. If you would like to add to your collection, buy a country collection as the start of a new phase in your particular PRIVATE PERSONAL PASSION, or maybe have material you wish to dispose of and are not certain how to go about it, or even need to discover what it may be worth, you are invited to drop by the stamp shop – please call first – 407-620-0908 –  just to make sure that I have not been called away.


I shall be “flying solo” for most of tomorrow’s show. Jean will be running our famous ORLANDO FLORIST.   She hopes to be able to join me in late afternoon.

Remember that all CFSC members, wearing their official name badge, will receive an additional 15% discount on all COLLECTORS EXCHANGE offered collections during the hours of the show. 

There will be a total of nine dealers in attendance, so there is every chance that someone will be able to assist you whether you wish to buy or sell. Long time members of the club, as well as the dealers, will be ready to offer advice if you have questions.  We look forward to seeing you there.



Over this weekend a number of the members of the Central Florida Stamp Club gathered for a well organised picnic. Stamp collecting and philetelic study often involves hours spent in solitude. When collectors do meet, it is mainly to exchange stories and stamps with other collectors, or to paticipate in a presentation on some aspect of the hobby. However, just occasionally, collectors gather for a social event and which I believe is very healthy. In the case of this picnic, poor suffering spouses of collectors were also part of the event. It gave them a chance to speak with others of their kind and to realize that they were not alone! The picnic also gave members a chance to relate to their fellows in a relaxed atmosphere and to ‘network’. On this occasion I learnt the basics of privately pre-cancelled postal cards, as well as receive some direction on Washington/Franklin mysteries. Jean and I also enjoyed some great bar-b-que and fixings! No wine however and I’m of that group that believes wine is an intregal part of stamp collecting!


In just a few days time Jean and I will celebrate the 15th anniversary of our first meeting.  On that day, April 12 2002, we met in a pub! Now that will not be a surprise to many of you. I remember that I was quite nervous and at one time I almost accidentally hit her with a 3/4 full glass of Bass Ale! That story will have to wait until another time.

As a way of marking the occasion, we will offer a 15% discount on all our collections at the CFSC stamp show scheduled for Saturday April 8th. The only proviso is that members of the club have to be wearing their official name badges at the show to avail themselves of this offer.  Should be fun!