Stamps that are surplus to requiurements

If you have items that you wish to dispose of; you may wish to contact us. We are interested in buying both stamps and postal history, particularly British Empire/Commonwealth items. Jean would not forgive me if I did not also point out that we also need TOPICAL items from around the world – collections or better individual items..  We are also prepared to offer advice as to the best method of disposal – auction; consignment; outright sale. Let us help you – you’ll be glad that you did.

Hartford & Baltimore Stamp Exhibitions.

We are now preparing for the four day show in Hartford as well as the annual superb Baltimore exhibition (Balpex). Both promise to be excellent stamp shows with much to see and for those interested much to learn. There will be opportunities for both novice and advanced collectors so don’t be afraid – someone will be there to assist you.

If you have an old stamp collection that’s been gathering dust & you wonder whether it might have some value, bring it along – again someone is there to help you. For dates of these events please go to Calendar on this website. Hope to see you at one of these exciting events!

Stamp Identification

We try to provide all the details necessary for you to identify the stamps offered.  However we have been asked to provide cat. ref. numbers. This will take some time but we will work on it asap!  When you see a stamp that is of potential interest, click on the image and further information is revealed and this will include both Scott and Gibbons ( maybe other) numbers. As above this will take some time but if, in the meantime, you are interested in a stamp and such information is not provided, please email us for the required details. Thank you for your patience

More than one in stock

Often we have more than one example of a particular stamp. When we receive an order for such a stamp, we try to provide the stamp illustrated. This is not always possible. If this occurs, we try to contact the potential buyer with a scan of another example to learn if it is acceptable.  This reduces the frustration both here & with the buyer. For speeds sake this is best accomplished by email, but we will send by regular mail if necessary.  We always try to please but we are human & mistakes do occur. If on that rare occasion that a mistake is brought to our attention be assured that it will corrected as speedily as possible.


If you need some early issues from this small island, please look in the SHOP; we have just put up a small number of Tobago items. If there is any particular country you would like us to list please let us know. REMEMBER we also service WANT LISTS!


A big THANK YOU to the folks in Charlotte for putting on a wonderful Stamp Exhibition.  Jean managed without her cane which was a blessing.

We saw many friends + made a few new ones – saw folk from as far away as Ashville, Atlanta and one from Alabama. We intend being back next year!


Look Out Charlotte

We have not had time to place any new items on BritishStampsAmerica recently as we prepare to visit Charlotte, N.C. While we will bring our  stock of British Empire & World Wide Topicals, we will also bring many goodies not normally offered by us.  The goodies include many US items + ephemera plus a few surprises! Come, browse, enjoy and if something takes your eye, so much the better. We look forward to seeing you there.

World Wide Collection

We are now busy breaking down a recently aquired collection and will be adding many new world wide topicals to stock; also some nice British Commonwealth items. There is also many US covers mainly from 1930’s – 40’s with Patriotics, FDC’s, FFC’s, military(including both world war’s) etc. We’ll have them ready for the CHARPEX show in Charlotte at the end of the month – 26th-27th – see you there!

Back in Orlando

We had an enjoyable time at the American Topical Association Exhibition in St. Louis, met some great folk, including Gary & Shiela from the UK, as well as others from as far away as New Mexico and California; and saw many good friends. Purchased a large collection on return journey which will give Jean and I a lot of work before we head off to Charlotte at the end of the month. Jean now walking with a cane – she is well on the mend. We will also find time to do a little work on the website so please visit often. Is there any thing that you would like to see listed on