EuroPhilex – London

Jean and I will be attending this Exceptional Stamp Exhibition which celebrates the 175th anniversary of the issuance of the world’s first stamp –

Great Britain’s Penny Black

This is your last opportunity to request that we try to obtain that special something that may be available from the International Dealers who will be present. Please call or email with your requests. These will be accepted until 5PM EST on Wednesday April 22.

You snooze – you loose!!


A big thankyou to all the folk that made last Saturday’s stamp show a success. We were glad to be part of it.

We will NOT be at another Orlando show until September – sorry for the delay – we look forward to seeing you there.


The CFSC will hold a one day show at the Mark Street Senior Center in Orlando tomorrow – come and see what is on offer; ask questions, get involved.


Are you considering disposing of the family collection? here’s an opportunity to learn whether you own something of worth


Jean & I are back from our South American adventure – the high light of which was getting up close to a Humpback Whale & her 1 week old calf – VERY SPECIAL.

We are now preparing for the April 11 Mark Street Stamp Show here in Orlando – be good to meet up, and share stories, with members of the club. We hope to buy and/or sell a few goodies during the day.

Please come and say ‘Hello’


Jean and I will be leaving here on Wednesday Feb 25 and will NOT return until April 2.

We hope to have access to emails (and maybe phone) but our response may be delayed. Please understand – we will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can.


After a spell with Norwegion Cruise Lines, the 2015 cruise reverts to Princess – we can only say hooray!!

Jean and I will be going, so if you wish to join us and other stampers…………… contact CruiseWorks & speak to Don or Marky – just GREAT people to deal with. We’re looking forward to meeting up with old friends & catching up with their philatelic adventures – it will be fun.

Fort Lauderdale

Jean and I are back from the ASDA stamp show. First I must say how impressed I am with the work ethic of the Hollywood Stamp Club members – they looked after us “out-of-towners” extremely well.

Rather than use a hotel, Jean had discovered a charming one bedroom cottage for the weekend – clean neat with a well maintained patio, on which we enjoyed the chilled white wine that the owner had left for us. An added bonus was the 5 minute drive to the show location.

Now for a rest of the story! We will be cruising until April 2. Parts of this time we may be available by phone and maybe by email or text, but PLEASE be patient with us.


Jean and I are so thankful to the folk of the Sarasota Stamp Club who volenteer to assist in the running of the Sarasota National Stamp Exhibition. From when we arrived to our departure yesterday, they were there to help. The SNSE is undoubtedly the BEST stamp exhibition in the US SE!

The show was financially successful for us and for most dealers who we spoke to. Many of our friends from the Gulf Coast dropped by but we also met with ‘snowbirds’ from the Great White North – always a pleasure to welcome them to Florida. Once more we greeted ESPER members.

We have to compile a new WANT LIST – please watch this space over the next couple of weeks – maybe you possess just what we’re looking for. Please let us know if you’re needing a particular stamp for your collection & we will do our best to seek it (maybe them) out for you.