The 2018 Stanley Gibbons GREAT BRITAIN CONCISE catalogue has just arrived. This handy sized, hard back book contains so much more than Scotts volumn 3 – you diserve to treat yourself to this ‘bible’ – you’ll be glad that you did. Limited supply so order quickly. If any are left, we will have them with us at CHARPEX and the APS COLUMBUS exhibition. The cost is $47.50 plus postage. To reserve your copy email me at


Yes COLLECTORS EXCHANGE has been a family owned business for 38 years – and counting. We are proud of our service and our participation in helping to build world class collections as well as many collections that have brought much pleasure and satisfaction to their owners. Can we help you?


This is a quality show (it’s a pity that the APS cannot match it for efficiency). We enjoyed the exhibition, the hospitality and meeting old friends – it was the first show we had done since Sarasota back in February. I have to say that Jean did a wonderful job as I am still recovering from my accidient & not able to complete my share of the effort. Thanks to all the folk at the show who went out of their way to assist us.

We will now prepare for Charpex, followed by Columbus. Then it will be Balpex on Labor Day weekend. Please consider visiting us at these shows. There is always something new coming into our stock.

If you’re planning on visiting Orlando, we invite you to come to the ORLANDO STAMP SHOP (please call first at 407-620-0908). We have established Orlando Stamp Shop inside our ORLANDO FLORIST – so you can smell the roses while looking at stamps and covers. Remember that we also stock stamp collecting supplies at the shop.


The new edition of this outstanding catalogue is due to be published later this month. COLLECTORS EXCHANGE are now taking orders. Please email or call and we will do our best to ensure that your catalogue is rushed to you as soon as we receive our parcel from “across the pond”. If received in time we will bring some copies to NAPEX.


This is a busy week at ORLANDO FLORIST. Thus ORLANDO STAMP SHOP is closed although we made an exception for a customer needing ‘supplies’ yesterday. We will have limited service next week – please call 407-620-0908 to check our availability.


A number of folk have asked about my injury. I managed to break four metatarsals on my left foot. Two were fractures while the other two were snapped and displaced out of alignment. My foot is now encased in an immobility boot & this will be the case for another 6 to 8 weeks.

I have limited my time at Orlando Stamp Store while the healing process continues. Our ability to assist with identifying and appraising stamps & collections is also limited at this time. Following the heart attack, which occurred in January, we cancelled attending all stamp exhibitions. We are planning on returning to participate in stamp exhibitions at NAPEX in Washington at the beginning of June. We are working on new stock some of which will be with us in Washington.

On behalf of both Jean and myself, thank you for the many messages of support that we have received.

If there is something you are looking for, please let us know & we will do our best to assist you.


Following my heart attack on January 11 (more serious than I imagined), I have had to learn to slow down a little – just a little!!

As a result, we will not be participating in any of the stamp exhibitions/shows that we normally attend, until the middle of the year. We plan to be back at NAPEX in Washington in June – in the meantime we are going through our stock and revising/renewing as required.

Also we may not be at OLANDO STAMP SHOP quite as frequently as previously. Please feel free to call and we will set up an appointment for a consultation, whether you are planning on buying or selling, looking for an appraisal, or want an opinion on an item. Remember we do NOT charge for the first hour you spend in our store.  PLEASE CALL FIRST to make sure we are going to be there.

Thanks for all the GOOD WISHES for my return to better health – they sure help & I’m delighted to say that I am on the right road!


I just received an email from a lady needing help with disposing of her late husband’s stamp collection. She wrote ” There is no catalog or index of any type.” Later she wrote ” Should I attempt to create order out of the chaos or is that a waste of time?”.
I know from personal experience just how traumatic losing a loved one can be. In this instant this lady having suffered such an aweful loss, is now at a loss of how to proceed with his collection ( and maybe other aspects of their life together)

While I will be able to assist this lady, it would have been so much easier for her, if her late husband had added a few notes in with his collection; maybe high-light the more valuable items; at the very least provide names and contact information of Auction Houses, or Stamp Dealers, with whom he had favorable dealings during his collecting days; or even the name of a collecting friend. We all need to be kind to those that we leave behind!


COLLECTORS EXCHANGE/ORLANDO STAMP SHOP have survived the ravages of Irma. The store will re-open next week as soon as we have power back on.