To all those who welcomed us into New Orleans and Norcross, GA. heartful thanks from both Jean and me.

We will be participating at the SARASOTA NATIONAL STAMP EXIBITION this coming weekend – see you there..


We are very proud to be able to supply Gibbon’s products for U.S. based collectors. We have been fortunate to be trusted with providing albums, catalogues, ETC. for some little while now  We do not carry a large range of stock but can obtain same fairly quickly. Presently we have a limited number of copies of 2018 GREAT BRITAIN CONCISEundoubtedly the BEST reference for collectors of philatelic treasures of Great Britain; COLLECT BRITISH POSTMARKS – 9th edition; and 2016 COLLECT CHANNEL ISLANDS & ISLE OF MAN. The real issue is the frieght costs bringing the items across ‘the pond’. However there is every chance that, while absorbing the transportation cost, we can still keep cost below full retail. I think that you will be pleased with our service.


The stock market has been pretty volatile lately and worse still it seems to be gradually dropping in value. Frankly it is pretty scarey. We might do well to invest more into stamps and philatelic items. This advice is not just a theory – I have been investing in better philatelic items for a while now and I will continue to do so. A Peaceful and Profitable New Year to all of you.


Thanks for all your good wishes and greetings – Jean and I are very grateful. It has been a particularly difficult year but we seem to be surviving it. You, our clients, have sure helped us. We will not be available between December 21 and January 6 but then we will return fighting fit. We look forward to meeting up with you in the New Year.

All the Very Best Wishes for 2019



The 2018 Stanley Gibbons GREAT BRITAIN CONCISE catalogue has just arrived. This handy sized, hard back book contains so much more than Scotts volumn 3 – you diserve to treat yourself to this ‘bible’ – you’ll be glad that you did. Limited supply so order quickly. If any are left, we will have them with us at CHARPEX and the APS COLUMBUS exhibition. The cost is $47.50 plus postage. To reserve your copy email me at jlatter@cfl.rr.com.


Yes COLLECTORS EXCHANGE has been a family owned business for 38 years – and counting. We are proud of our service and our participation in helping to build world class collections as well as many collections that have brought much pleasure and satisfaction to their owners. Can we help you?


This is a quality show (it’s a pity that the APS cannot match it for efficiency). We enjoyed the exhibition, the hospitality and meeting old friends – it was the first show we had done since Sarasota back in February. I have to say that Jean did a wonderful job as I am still recovering from my accidient & not able to complete my share of the effort. Thanks to all the folk at the show who went out of their way to assist us.

We will now prepare for Charpex, followed by Columbus. Then it will be Balpex on Labor Day weekend. Please consider visiting us at these shows. There is always something new coming into our stock.

If you’re planning on visiting Orlando, we invite you to come to the ORLANDO STAMP SHOP (please call first at 407-620-0908). We have established Orlando Stamp Shop inside our ORLANDO FLORIST – so you can smell the roses while looking at stamps and covers. Remember that we also stock stamp collecting supplies at the shop.


The new edition of this outstanding catalogue is due to be published later this month. COLLECTORS EXCHANGE are now taking orders. Please email or call and we will do our best to ensure that your catalogue is rushed to you as soon as we receive our parcel from “across the pond”. If received in time we will bring some copies to NAPEX.


This is a busy week at ORLANDO FLORIST. Thus ORLANDO STAMP SHOP is closed although we made an exception for a customer needing ‘supplies’ yesterday. We will have limited service next week – please call 407-620-0908 to check our availability.