This is a quality show (it’s a pity that the APS cannot match it for efficiency). We enjoyed the exhibition, the hospitality and meeting old friends – it was the first show we had done since Sarasota back in February. I have to say that Jean did a wonderful job as I am still recovering from my accidient & not able to complete my share of the effort. Thanks to all the folk at the show who went out of their way to assist us.

We will now prepare for Charpex, followed by Columbus. Then it will be Balpex on Labor Day weekend. Please consider visiting us at these shows. There is always something new coming into our stock.

If you’re planning on visiting Orlando, we invite you to come to the ORLANDO STAMP SHOP (please call first at 407-620-0908). We have established Orlando Stamp Shop inside our ORLANDO FLORIST – so you can smell the roses while looking at stamps and covers. Remember that we also stock stamp collecting supplies at the shop.