Following my heart attack on January 11 (more serious than I imagined), I have had to learn to slow down a little – just a little!!

As a result, we will not be participating in any of the stamp exhibitions/shows that we normally attend, until the middle of the year. We plan to be back at NAPEX in Washington in June – in the meantime we are going through our stock and revising/renewing as required.

Also we may not be at OLANDO STAMP SHOP quite as frequently as previously. Please feel free to call and we will set up an appointment for a consultation, whether you are planning on buying or selling, looking for an appraisal, or want an opinion on an item. Remember we do NOT charge for the first hour you spend in our store.  PLEASE CALL FIRST to make sure we are going to be there.

Thanks for all the GOOD WISHES for my return to better health – they sure help & I’m delighted to say that I am on the right road!


Dear John,

I looked up your store after seeing a LinkedIn request, by you or a robot, in my e-mail inbox. I am chagrined to learn that you fell ill during January.

I hope that you are feeling better and that you can resume your normal activities sooner than you previously thought.

Best Wishes,

John C. Robbins

Mount Dora, Fl.

“Proud to be a Philatelist”


It’s been a long road John but we’re getting there – just participated in NAPEX in Washington.
We’re back in ORLANDO STAMP SHOP but on restricted hours – if you want to drop by (please call first), we would be glad to see you.
This is a late reply but unfortunately, I fell and smashed four metatarals in my left foot – so that’s put me further behind.
Thanks for your good wishes.