I just received an email from a lady needing help with disposing of her late husband’s stamp collection. She wrote ” There is no catalog or index of any type.” Later she wrote ” Should I attempt to create order out of the chaos or is that a waste of time?”.
I know from personal experience just how traumatic losing a loved one can be. In this instant this lady having suffered such an aweful loss, is now at a loss of how to proceed with his collection ( and maybe other aspects of their life together)

While I will be able to assist this lady, it would have been so much easier for her, if her late husband had added a few notes in with his collection; maybe high-light the more valuable items; at the very least provide names and contact information of Auction Houses, or Stamp Dealers, with whom he had favorable dealings during his collecting days; or even the name of a collecting friend. We all need to be kind to those that we leave behind!