Over this weekend a number of the members of the Central Florida Stamp Club gathered for a well organised picnic. Stamp collecting and philetelic study often involves hours spent in solitude. When collectors do meet, it is mainly to exchange stories and stamps with other collectors, or to paticipate in a presentation on some aspect of the hobby. However, just occasionally, collectors gather for a social event and which I believe is very healthy. In the case of this picnic, poor suffering spouses of collectors were also part of the event. It gave them a chance to speak with others of their kind and to realize that they were not alone! The picnic also gave members a chance to relate to their fellows in a relaxed atmosphere and to ‘network’. On this occasion I learnt the basics of privately pre-cancelled postal cards, as well as receive some direction on Washington/Franklin mysteries. Jean and I also enjoyed some great bar-b-que and fixings! No wine however and I’m of that group that believes wine is an intregal part of stamp collecting!

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