Just reading the American Philatelist Society website & saw a welcome message from a new member (a long time coin collector, now entering the stamp collecting hobby, and praising the quality of the website). It remided me of my experience over the weekend.  I was attending the ASDA sponsered stamp show in Fort Lauderdale where I was approached by a man, I guess he was in his mid to late 40’s who was returning to the hobby after being away from it for a number of years.  The following day another man, a little older also came to my booth. He was not entirely new to the the hobby but was expanding into collecting Great Britain. He started at the beginning buying a plated Penny Black & some other Victorian issues.

On the other hand a family (grand-parents and children) visited me. The children was from Haiti and were staying with the grands over Spring Break; one boy played soccer back in his island home and selected stamps from our “SOCCER” topical stock.

To all these new collectors, young and old – WELCOME WE HOPE THAT YOU WILL ENJOY STAMP COLLECTING!