Recently I mailed out a stamp package to a client. To add a little ‘spice’ I enclosed the stamps in a Postal Stationary envelope. I made up the rate with commemorative stamps.

The package never arrived!

A very concerned collector let me know of the non-arrival. It appears that the envelope didn’t survive the mechanized sorting equipment. Fortunately I had enclosed a COLLECTORS EXCHANGE business card inside the glassine envelope containing the stamps. The USPS could read the card through the glassine and returned the package to our office inside a plastic bag, and telling me what had happened. 

There are a couple of lessons to get from this incident. First, always place a business card (or a return address) in any mailing. Second reinforce older covers with scotch tape. Lastly credit the USPS and their customer service – the mail service take a lot of beatings from us stamp collectors – this time they get an attaboy!